Phantom Wallet Preparing To Launch Mobile Version

Phantom Wallet Preparing To Launch Mobile Version

Phantom soon will be accessible in mobile version.

The wallet of choice for many Solana users is planning a beta release during the 2021 holiday season, chief product officer and co-founder Chris Kalani told Decrypt. A public release is slated for January.

Currently, use of Phantom has been limited to desktop.

"This means they can mint NFTs, stake tokens, and more while not being tied to their computers, which carries considerable weight considering how fast the Solana ecosystem currently moves," Phantom CEO and co-founder Brandon Millman said in a press release.

Phantom recently reported 1 million active users, which it defines as "someone who manually opens the wallet or interacts with a DApp such as signing a transaction or connecting to it."

With mobile adoption, users will be able to take advantage of the DeFi ecosystem built on Solana – which now controls around $15 billion in assets – similar to what MetaMask serves as for DeFi traders using Ethereum.

Phantom also sees other blockchains in its future, and has a beta Ethereum wallet in the works, too. But according to Kalani, that's looking way down the road.

"Phantom is laser-focused on Solana."

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