BAYC #8817 Sells For Record $3.4M

BAYC #8817 Sells For Record $3.4M

Bored Ape Yacht Club #8817 sold on Tuesday for 819 ETH, amounting to $3,408,000 USD at the time of transaction.

The ultra-rare NFT was sold at Sotheby's "Natively Digital 1.2: The Collectors" auction.

BAYC #8817 was sold for the first time since its mint, per Sotheby's, to @j1mmyeth.

BAYC #8817 features gold fur, an extremely rare trait held by less than 1% of the collection.

The sale surpasses that of one made in September, when another gold-fur Ape (BAYC #3749) went for 740 ETH – around $2.9 million USD at the time in September.

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