Rapper Eminem Buys BAYC #9055 For $462K

Rapper Eminem Buys BAYC #9055 For $462K

Is "EminApe" going to lose himself in the metaverse?

Eminem joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club on Thursday, debuting #9055 as his Twitter PFP.

The NFT sold for 123.45 ETH, worth around $461,868 USD at the time of sale.

Eminem's Ape, quite fittingly, has white fur and wears hip-hop clothes with an army hat. The Detroit-native rapper's 15 Grammys and symbolized with a gold bomber jacket and chains. It was the first transaction he made on his OpenSea account Shady_Holdings

BAYC launched in April 2021, and Eminem is only the latest celebrity – particularly in the music industry – to Ape In.

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