Nike Files For 'Virtual Goods' Trademarks In Footwear, Apparel

Nike Files For 'Virtual Goods' Trademarks In Footwear, Apparel

Nike has lost some of the market shares with more legitimate competition in footwear and athleisure.

It appears the legacy brand will try to compensate with the potential its brand has in the metaverse.

Nike filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Oct. 27, looking to trademark its name for "downloadable virtual goods" as related to NFTs and video games.

The virtual goods include sneakers, clothing, headwear, bags and sports equipment, and the Jordan brand was included in Nike's seven requests to the USPTO.

In Dec. 2019, Nike secured a patent for "CryptoKicks," the first sign that they were interested in exploring the virtual markets.

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