Nike Enters Metaverse With Debut Of NIKELAND On Roblox

Nike has arrived in the metaverse.

The footwear and athletic apparel giant launched NIKELAND on Thursday, it's own immersive virtual world on Roblox.

The partnership with the online gaming platform is free to use, with a 3D rendition of Nike's headquarters IRL serving as the backdrop for the community.

Users can compete in various mini-games or create their own with a tool kit of interactive sports materials, leaving possibilities up to their imagination. With a mobile device, they can even transfer physical movement into virtual reality.

All of a sudden, Nike's recent trademark application spree for "virtual goods" has more context.

In a digital showroom, avatars can be outfitted in virtual Nike merch. From the Mercurial football boot to the Air Force 1 and Nike Tech Pack, creativity isn't just limited to the games.

Nike and Roblox plan to bring NIKELAND to reality this December at its flagship location in New York City. In partnership with Snapchat, people visiting the kids' floor can use an augmented reality lens on the app to experience NIKELAND themselves.

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