Nameless Raises $15M For API Helping Brands Utilize NFTs

Nameless Raises $15M For API Helping Brands Utilize NFTs

It's been a week for Jimmy McNiels, better known to the NFT world as @j1mmy.eth on Twitter.

The CEO and founder of nft42, a company that builds applications leveraging blockchain technology, recently made headlines after buying  Bored Ape Yacht Club #8817 for a record 819 ETH on Oct. 26.

Two days later, McNiels announced his latest venture, nameless, has raised $15 million in seed funding. The investment a brings nameless' valuation to $75 million.

"This round of funding for nameless comes as Fortune 500 leaders, global brands, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and influencers are showing increased interest in NFTs," their press release read.

"It also comes at a time of rapid expansion for nameless, which will use the capital to expand its team and further enhance and deliver on its mission of making the creation, customization, and adoption of NFTs easier and more accessible for individuals and enterprise companies alike."

Nameless announced notable investors like Gary Vaynerchuck, Mark Cuban, Michael Rubin, Dez Bryant and Marc Benioff participated in the seed round. Strategic partnerships with Sotheby's, Snoop Dogg and Vaynerchuk's VeeFriends also are in the works.

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