Gucci Announces NFT Collaboration With SUPERPLASTIC

Gucci Announces NFT Collaboration With SUPERPLASTIC

Collaborations with other brands and NFTs are two trends luxury fashion houses dove into entering the New Year.

Gucci is among the latest, announcing a partnership with SUPERPLASTIC, the popular animation and vinyl toy creators, for the drop of an "ultra-limited collection" of CryptoJanky NFTs.

"#SUPERGUCCI, probably nothing. Gucci has teamed up with @superplastic, a global entertainment brand of designer toys and digital collectibles, to create a series of NFTs dropping February 1st on #GucciVault," the brand tweeted Monday.

The collaboration, SUPERGUCCI, is a three-part series of NFTs co-created by Gucci's head of design, Alessandro Michele, and synthetic artists Janky & Guggimon.

The first drop will include 10 exclusive NFTs and an accompanying ceramic sculpture that was handmade in Italy and co-designed by both labels.

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