5 Best NFT Wallets In 2021

5 Best NFT Wallets In 2021

Decisions are harder to make when presented with a lot of options, and there are many ways to store NFTs.

But how do you pick the best wallet to protect your assets?

Security is of upmost importance, but bad user-experience just defeats the whole purpose of making them easily accessible.

Here are five of the most secure and user-friendly NFT wallets.

If you're looking for the standard, this is it. MetaMask by far is the most popular crypto wallet, announcing 21 million monthly active users. It's also the easiest way to access your Ethereum wallet through a browser extension and mobile app and it integrates with just about every blockchain app.

Solana NFTs have become popular by result of high Ethereum gas prices, and that's where Phantom's wallet comes in. It's widely integrated through the Solana ecosystem, but Phantom currently is only available on desktop. A mobile version is slated to launch in January which will allow users to mint NFTs, stake tokens and more on the go.

A popular mobile-only wallet, Trust supports ERC-based NFTs. The simple interface and a partnership with Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges, has helped Trust's platform grow to 5 million active users.

The most widely-used crypto exchange recently launched an extension-based wallet to allow users to access their digital assets. The standalone browser extension comes in anticipation of Coinbase NFT, a marketplace they announced was in the works in October. More than 1.33 million signed up for the wait list within 24 hours.

Built by Solana community enthusiasts, this wallet was built specifically for Solana. Users can send and receive NFTs native to Solana and can take advantage of staking Solana tokens. It's accessible through web, desktop and browser extension.

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