Brooklyn Nets Become First Professional Sports Team To Join Metaverse

Nets fans no longer have to be in Brooklyn to catch their favorite NBA team at the Barclays Center. And if they ever wanted to experience game action while sitting courtside – or on the court, for that matter – now is their chance.

The Nets, in partnership with the YES Network, launched a new technology that offers a virtual reality-like experience on Saturday.

The 'Netaverse' is the first of its kind across major professional sports.

"The Netaverse will bring viewers to places on the court never seen before," NBA announcer Micheal Grady said in the video announcement.

The virtual experience is powered by more than 100 high-resolution cameras surrounding the court, fed directly into Canon's Free Viewpoint system which generates detailed 3D models and images of players in real-time.

The Netaverse's worldwide premiere came on Jan. 15 against the New Orleans Pelicans, but to some, it may have felt like an NBA 2K game.

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