Probably Nothing: All These Celebrities, Athletes Joined Bored Ape Yacht Club

It's probably nothing, but more than a handful of influential people have aped into BAYC this year.

Bored Ape Yacht Club has established itself as a blue-chip NFT in the second half of 2021, with the floor price at 71 ETH at the time of publication (up from 0.08 ETH when the collection of 10,000 was minted in May 2021).

In that time, celebrities, venture capitalists, and tech billionaires alike have joined the community. Unsurprisingly, many pro athletes and musicians have led the charge to take it mainstream, with NFTs already starting to change their industries.

Here is an updated list of notable names who have purchased a BAYC:

  • Steve Aoki (BAYC #8716, #3719, #5823, #9394, #8398 )
    Perhaps one of the most prominent celebrity NFT collectors, minting his own since 2021, the EDM artist and producer has purchased five Apes, most recently adding BAYC #8716 to his OpenSea wallet. He's transferred others, and Mutants, to other wallets. Aoki was among a group of artists who invested in Audius, a decentralized music streaming program.

  • Jimmy Fallon (BAYC #599)
    The comedian and talk show host purchased his BAYC, rocking a Sea Captain's hat, navy striped tee and heart sunglasses, on Nov. 11. Fallon announced the purchase on The Tonight Show during an interview with Beeple.

  • Snoop Dogg (BAYC #6723)
    The iconic rapper joined BAYC purchasing a cheetah ape wearing a pimp coat. How fitting?

  • Mark Cuban (BAYC #1597)
    The tech billionaire and owner of the Dallas Mavericks was given his BAYC as a gift after it was minted in May. His features a BAYC flipped-brim hat, a Hawaiian shirt and cheetah fur. He doesn't Tweet much these days, unless it's about his favorite three-letter acronyms: the NBA or NFTs. His basketball team also was on the forefront of accepting crypto for tickets and merch.

  • Adidas (BAYC #8774)
    As part of its venture into the Metaverse, the sportswear giant debuted its BAYC as its PFP on December 2. They even dressed it in a signature Adidas tracksuit and named him Indigo Herz.

  • Logan Paul (BAYC #1442)
    The YouTube influencer turned boxer purchased two Apes in late August with DMT fur, but disclosed the sale of BAYC #207 nine days later. He's holding #1442, and for good reason, with its 3d glasses and Sea Captain's hat.

  • Dez Bryant (BAYC #2902)
    The longtime Dallas Cowboys receiver is a huge proponent of NFTs, and though he's still a free agent 14 weeks into the NFL season, he seems to be doing just fine pursing this space. He bought his BAYC, with an ultra-rare king's crown, all the way back on June 19, from @j1mmyeth. He's still waiting on more NFL stars to join him in the Yacht Club.

  • Stephen Curry (BAYC #7990)
    The future NBA Hall of Famer doesn't miss. Not on the court for the Golden State Warriors or with his zombie-eyed Ape with blue fur and a rare tweed suit. Curry purchased his in August, and has been known to frequent the Discord.

  • Eminem (BAYC #9055)
    The 15 time Grammy award-winning rapper joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club right before the new year, debuting #9055 as his Twitter PFP. Eminem's Ape, quite fittingly, has white fur and wears hip-hop clothes with an army hat.

  • Gary Vaynerchuk (BAYC #1452, #7912, #8106)
    The famous investor, who in a way, has taken it upon himself to help educate people about NFTs, has been all-in on this space for a long time. A month after mint in early June, Vaynerchuk bought a trio of Apes from influential NFT collector @j1mmyeth, who paid a record-setting 819 ETH for ultra-rare BAYC #8817 at auction in October.

  • Dave Chappelle (BAYC #8343)
    The legendary comedian brought the new year in style by buying a pimp coat ape. Chappelle's OpenSea username is "FollowtheWhitePeople".

  • The Chainsmokers (BAYC #7691)
    The American DJ duo went in on their BAYC on Sept. 1. The understated Ape has cheetah fur, a plain black T and a cigarette hanging out of its mouth. The Chainsmokers are among other musical artists exploring Web3 technology and investing in a decentralized music streaming platform Audius.

  • Von Miller (BAYC #4733)
    The LA Rams outside linebacker got in on BAYC in August. Notable traits include a rare biker vest, cowboy hat, robot eyes and white fur.

  • Future (BAYC #4672)
    Among the rapper's NFT collection is a BAYC he purchased through MoonPay on Nov. 28. Among its rare traits? A red smoking jacket. Very appropriate.

  • Post Malone (BAYC #961, #9039)
    The singer and songwriter acquired two BAYCs, and uses #961 – with its zombie fur and cowboy hat – as his PFP on Twitter. The same wallet also owns #9039, which features a diamond grill, rainbows suspenders and cowboy hat.

  • Timbaland (BAYC #590)
    The musician and record producer's Ape is quite fitting, with hip hop attire like a chain and gold jacket. He's also taking advantage of the IP rights, starting Ape-In Productions to create music and animation around the BAYC likeness.

  • LaMelo Ball (BAYC #7226, #598)
    The Charlotte Hornets guard and NBA Rookie of the Year aped-in back in early June, beating many of his veteran counterparts. His two Apes include traits includes traits like a Sea Captain's hat and 3d eyes on #7226, and a caveman pelt and crazy eyes on #598.

  • Tyrese Haliburton (BAYC #8409)
    The Sacramento Kings star has owned his BAYC since June 6, and debuted it on the court during a game with a pair of awesome customized Kobes. His ape is sticking its tongue out wearing a baby's bonnet and 3d glasses.

  • Josh Hart (BAYC #4616)
    Haliburton's friend, New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart, bought BAYC #4616 one day later. It's rare traits include a bored unshaven mouth, stunt jacket and Irish Boho hat, but has since been transferred to two different wallets on OpenSea.

  • Adam Draper (BAYC #9132)
    The venture capitalist bought his BAYC, featuring a plain black T-shirt, on Nov. 16.

  • Lil Baby (BYAC #129 MAYC #129)
    The rapper acquired his BAYC in late October. And probably by design, it features a rare baby's bonnet and tanktop.

  • DJ Khaled (BAYC #7380)
    Blessed. Especially now that the DJ and producer Aped-in. Khaled purchased his BAYC through MoonPay on Nov. 30, opting for features like a Hawaiian shirt, mohawk and coin eyes.

  • Marshmello (BAYC #4808)
    On Sept. 28 the EDM DJ and music producer bought his Ape. It's traits include a rainbow grin, 3d glasses and bone t-shirt.

  • Diplo (BAYC #5384)
    The American DJ bought his Ape this month on Dec. 1. It's biker vest, eyepatch, cowboy hat and mouth make it stand out.

  • Martin Garrix (BAYC# 9883)
    Through MoonPay, also on Dec. 1, the Dutch DJ got his hands on a BAYC with its tongue out and a Black T.

  • Mike Shinoda (BAYC #2299)
    The founder and vocalist behind Linkin Park and Fort Minor got his Ape on Sept. 14. The talented musician seems to have moved it to a different wallet since, confirming on Twitter in October that he owns one BAYC and five Mutants. The Ape has a biker vest, cheetah fur and an orange beanie. Shinoda is a huge proponent of Web3, and also invested in the blockchain music dApp Audius.

  • KSI (BAYC #2015)
    The YouTube star and rapper sold his BAYC a few weeks after he got it, profiting 15.5831 ETH on Sept. 6. KSI also minted eight Mutants, all of which he's sold off. He still has two Bored Ape Kennel Clubs.

  • Rich the Kid (BAYC #9719)
    The American rapper and Instagram star bought his BAYC on Nov. 6. He flexed it and his Mutant on Instagram, showing off its black torn t-shirt.
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