Adobe Integrates NFT Authentication Into Suite of Apps

Adobe Integrates NFT Authentication Into Suite of Apps

Adobe's software has become standard for many NFT creators. Now, the suite of apps looks to get involved with helping then authenticate what they make.

A new Photoshop feature called Content Credentials will allow artists to prove they're the creators of art on NFT Marketplaces.

The content attribution features were announced Tuesday in an Adobe blog post, and chief product officer Scott Belsky told The Verge that the development comes in response to consumer demand, with knock-off NFTs becoming a growing issue.

"We set out to create accessible features, open technical standards, and a solid foundation for organizations across industries to use in a global effort toward a more trustworthy digital landscape," Adobe's release said.

"Today, we’re excited to introduce the next step in this journey: Content Credentials, Adobe’s new way to provide and assess digital content provenance and attribution."

The optional feature, "prepare as NFT," will capture identity data during the editing process and store it as metadata. Users also can link their Content Credentials with social media profiles and crypto wallets.

NFT marketplaces like KnownOrigin, OpenSea, Rarible and SuperRare have partnered with Adobe to display these credentials, and Adobe launched a website to verify credential metadata.

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